Gas Tax

Louisiana Transportation and Development Secretary Shawn Wilson, right, speaks in support of a gasoline tax increase bill by Rep. Steve Carter, R-Baton Rouge, left, on Tuesday, May 16, 2017.

AP Photo by Melinda Deslatte

I read the editorial in Sunday's Advocate, "Spineless wonders of Baton Rouge," in total agreement.

The legislators who voted against the gas tax may feel that they are serving the public's best interest by simple supporting the position of "no new taxes." But they are not. What positive suggestion do they have that can be put into action that will help the traffic problems? It is likely true that Shreveport Republican state Rep. Alan Seabaugh's constituents don't want any more taxes, but what would his constituents' position be if they had the traffic problems of Baton Rouge? I married Jody Valentine 48 years ago, on Valentine's Day, in Shreveport and have been driving there all these years to visit family, only to see La. 1 and La 71 have I-49 added. And guess what? Along with that, Shreveport built an inner loop, an outer loop an industrial loop (and I understand it's about to get another loop.)

Where are Baton Rouge's highway improvements of like value? Have any of you gone to Shreveport and seen how good their road system is there? The legislators from across the state have been outmaneuvered by the Shreveport legislators. Why would Shreveport want to pass more taxes on themselves to help Baton Rouge, when we have given them what they need? How did Shreveport get so much and Baton Rouge so little? I have seen that develop over my last 50 years of driving there. I once wrote that one solution would be to move LSU and the capital to Shreveport (note the sarcasm).

At 15 miles per gallon, 15,000 miles per year, 1,000 gallons gas purchased, per year, add 10 cents per gallon. That results in less than 30 cents per day. Not only can the affluent legislators who voted against the tax afford less than 30 cents per day, but all who are stuck in that horrible traffic in Baton Rouge should be willing to spend 30 cents per day extra. I ask, how can the legislators from across the state who supported whatever funds were sent to Shreveport (both state and federal) be so blind? I ask the governor and Legislature to call a special session and fix the problem that you have kicked down the road. I am a moderate Republican.

Ben Valentine