Two different views of President Donald Trump and his State of the Union speech appeared in the Sunday Advocate.

Dan Fagan stated that Trump has “far exceeded my expectations” in his moist-eyed praise of the president. My take would be that Fagan’s bar for his expectations of Trump is set very low, so low that even a turtle could jump over it. Fagan, “you’re fired.” By contrast, Associated Press columnists Woodward and Rugaber cited more of Trump’s exaggerations and falsehoods in his State of the Union regarding (1) the number of people who viewed his speech (Bill Clinton, George Bush and Barack Obama all had larger viewer audiences of their first State of the Union speeches), (2) his “biggest tax cuts” in American history (It is only the eighth largest since 1918, according to the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget), (3) his immigration plan ending the visa lottery (not nearly as random as he stated), (4) ending the “war on American energy” (Before Trump took office, the U.S. was producing more energy domestically than it imported. Domestic energy production increased during both the Bush II and Obama years) and (5) his view that we are now an exporter of energy (The U.S. has long exported all types of energy, but usually imported more).

Gordon Holcomb

retired educator

Baton Rouge