The same week that Donald Trump belched up his predictable misogynist bile, Gov. Bobby Jindal defunded Planned Parenthood in Louisiana after Congress didn’t do so federally.

During years of huge cuts in Louisiana’s health care budget (resulting in closed clinics and hospitals), in a state with some of the country’s highest rates of poverty, infant mortality and STDs, Planned Parenthood has been one of the only places for many Louisiana women (men, too) to obtain medical treatment, sexual education and resources for pregnancy and disease prevention. Plus, terminating pregnancies accounts for only 3 percent of that organization’s services. Our governor is not the exception when it comes to the Republican establishment’s anti-woman attitudes and legislation. So Trump riffing on Fox News’ Megyn Kelly’s menstrual cycle is hardly more objectionable than many of his peers’ legislative and executive actions, which substantially affect millions of women’s lives.

On this and a host of other topics, Trump is merely the avatar of the GOP’s dreams and machinations. The GOP is a Dr. Frankenstein, and the largely monstrous, somewhat farcical embodiment of its dogma and policies has escaped his bonds and now shadows the party’s every step.

Trump is undoubtedly vile. But in real terms, not just rhetorical ones, is he any more vile than his fellow Republican candidates?

Ben G.L. Nabors

reading tutor