A little old man, probably in his 80s, pushing a shopping cart draped with bags and sometimes full of aluminum cans, has become a landmark of sorts on my way to work each day. He is always on the move! I stopped one day and gave him some money, and as his crystal blue eyes met mine and he took my hand to thank me, I felt tremendously blessed. Yes, blessed to have God, family, friends, a home, a car, a job, food, clothing, etc. — but the blessing I received in his sincere gratitude was immensely felt in the depths of my heart and soul.

I now find myself “looking” for him, and most times I don’t see him as I make my way through town. However, there are those special mornings that I happen to spot him looking for aluminum cans, trying to make his way in life, and I am compelled to bless him financially. Keep in mind, I have never seen him asking for donations. I have only seen him walking, searching, working, trying to find cans. I think that’s pretty honorable that he wants to make his own way in the life that he’s been given. I don’t even care what he does with the money that I give him. The blessing that I receive in giving him far outweighs the monetary value the money could possibly bring me if I kept it.

Cathy Stanley

office manager

St. Amant