Whom has Bobby Jindal increasingly taxed in the last eight years? College students and their parents! In unconscionable moves to balance the state budget without evenly distributing the cost among constituents, Jindal has systematically decreased the funding to higher education over his term in office, forcing state universities to increase their tuition to make up the difference, while maintaining quality.

As an example, funding to the flagship university, LSU, has decreased from $400 million per year to $100 million per year during Jindal’s tenure. This decrease had to be made up by increasing tuition at LSU, thereby putting the tax burden directly on the backs of students and parents. The resulting additional costs will exacerbate an already national problem of student loan burden after graduation — a national economic liability that is worse and more persistent than any new tax.

Thus, Jindal specifically taxed college students to cover deficits while claiming that he did not raise taxes. What a shame for a Rhodes scholar who is governor of the state with the poorest education system in the country, including a 47 percent high school dropout rate (compare another state of 4 million people, Minnesota, with only a 4 percent high school dropout rate).

As a former contributor to Jindal when he was a United States representative, I am extremely disappointed in his performance as a governor and his sheeplike following of the dogma of the Republican Party while eschewing his own beliefs, core competency and moral obligations. It seems we have a very sneaky governor who claims to have imposed no tax increases but who has, in fact, hugely, and specifically taxed the future of Louisiana, those who are seeking higher education.

This conduct will never open a path to the White House, but his loyalty to his political party while ignoring the needs of Louisiana may lead him to an administrative appointment, if a more worthy Republican president is elected.

Roger Laine


Baton Rouge