Rich Lowry makes the statement that no Category 3 storm has hit the United States since 2005 to support his view that global warning is a nonissue. The major storms that hit Mexico, Central America, Philippines, India, China, even Australia don’t count.

As further proof of his view, Lowry mentions intense storms of past decades. But what he fails to mention is the huge size of modern storms. Instead of eye walls 50 miles wide, they now exceed 300 miles, resulting in much-larger storm surges. Katrina’s cloud cover filled the Gulf, while Sandy’s extended from Florida to Canada.

His criticism of Al Gore is typical “kill the messenger.” Because Gore dared show that glaciers are melting, the reason why and what a more energetic, warmer atmosphere means for the Earth.

A buoy in the Gulf of Mexico measured a wave height of 65 feet!

Ninety percent of Earth’s scientists warn that warming is probably the top issue facing human civilization. To put this off as alarmist is an insult, and denial is not the answer.

The gigatons of carbon we are adding to the atmosphere is also having an detrimental effect on our oceans. They absorb this elevated carbon dioxide and our coral reefs (the lungs of the oceans) are being damaged. Carbonic acid is building up where shell creatures simply dissolve.

Lowry’s suggestion of, “Why bother because China and India are modernizing?” is the attitude that will hurt everyone. “Why do something if they won’t?” is the attitude they have about us, too.

Yes, I do drive a car, but I’ve also planted hundred of trees. I’ve educated myself on the issue and know the problem is bigger than one person.

It’s all of us who need to be aware of the problem. And we will not work on a solution if we take Lowry’s easier-to-deny-than-do methodology.

We worry about financial debt and jobs for our children. Shouldn’t we also be concerned about the Earth’s condition? And as far as being an alarmist, it’s about time we all be alarmed and concerned.

Terry Grundmann

sales representative

Baton Rouge