You approved the use of the term “Zach Almighty” as the headline on the front page of the Sports section on Dec. 30. Many in our heavily Christian community recognize the term “God Almighty” as one of the names that the God of the Bible used for himself (Genesis 17:1).

In the third of his famous Ten Commandments, the Lord God commanded believers not take his name in vain (Exodus 20:7). In context, that means that those who revere God are not to use his name, or even allude to his name, in any way that fails to reflect the reverence that the creator, the almighty ruler and the ultimate judge of all living beings deserves.

Granted, many in our area have no problem with your headline. Did the Almighty? Well, does he, for man’s sake, work providentially to encourage people to revere him for both his omnipotence and his amazing grace? If so, could it be that the conspicuous failure of the quarterback to show himself mighty the next evening is deserving of sober reflection? Did you ask the young man if he welcomes such terminology as you used?

Why not have your sportswriters use their creativity within the parameters that show due respect for your many readers who revere the Almighty One?

Harvey Newton

Christian educator

Baton Rouge