The city-parish boasts that the recent Bowling Congress’ 151-day run pumped more than $113.2 million into the local economy. I hope the Mayor’s Office can use the sales tax dollars it earned as a result of the congress to improve and clean downtown.

Downtown does not consist only of North Boulevard or Third Street alone. Granted, these two prominent streets need their own attention, but the riverfront area is deplorable with the exception of the immediate area adjoining the USS Kidd, which the nautical museum maintains.

Before the Bowling Congress came to town, repeated requests were made to the Mayor’s Office and Department of Public Works to give special emphasis to the riverfront, only to be told that because of budget cuts and limited staffing, only minimal upkeep on an as-needed basis could be done.

When the Mayor’s Office is aware of such an expected return from a convention etc., why doesn’t it invest in its “living room” and maintain it to make a great first impression?

I hope those 58,000-plus visitors understood our city couldn’t afford to prepare for them, but sure did appreciate all of their money they spent while here.


commercial real estate broker and activist

Baton Rouge