I learned in freshman economics that flat taxes such as sales taxes are the most regressive of taxes. The reasoning is this: poorer taxpayers pay a greater percent of their income, and the poorer the taxpayer, the greater the percent going to taxes.

Once I found the main idea of Dan Fagan's recent column (it was lurking down in the body), I discovered that he didn't know the meaning of the word "regressive." Please buy the man a dictionary, or maybe he could even take Economics 101.

Dan Fagan: 'Government-saves-the-day' mentality evident in Gov. Edwards' fiscal-cliff solution

Here's another idea: don't send the ignorant to teach us. We deserve better. A lot better.

David Porter

retired English professor

Baton Rouge


Danny McCormick, right, of north Louisiana's M&M Oil Company, drives home his unhappiness with HB628 and its proposed tax on corporate sales, known as the commercial activity tax, or 'CAT,' shortly before the bill effectively died after sponsor Rep. Sam Jones, D- Franklin, voluntarily deferred it before the House Ways and Means Committee Tuesday, April 25, 2017. Donny Rouse, CEO of of Thibodaux-based Rouses Supermarket grocery chain, waits, background, also to testify against the bill.