I watched with amusement the Republican debates. It went just about as I expected. Donald Trump doesn’t have the ability to look presidential and, quite frankly, his followers would have been disappointed had he done so. It’s a sad commentary on where we are as a country that a presidential candidate can be on national TV and talk about how “stupid” the present administration is. Of course, to most of his constituency, that’s likely a very mild statement.

Here’s a guy that has done nothing but insult everyone else and try to pump himself up. His only policy statement I’ve heard is he wants to build a hundred-foot-high fence the length of the southern border and have Mexico pay for it. Right.

He would not be in the position he is in currently had it not been for the millions of dollars of free exposure he has received from the media. I even heard a pundit last week refer to the “genius” of Trump. That would be like saying the bull in the china shop is a genius for breaking all the china.



Baton Rouge