Well, there’s been another mass murder, this time in a Charleston, South Carolina, church. When are we going to wise up about how we deal with these people? The Colorado movie theater shooter is in the national news during his trial and — big surprise — another jerk does something similar.

One of the prime motivations for these ostensibly senseless acts is the publicity. The validation that, despite their lack of prior attention from society, each of these losers and perhaps their religious or ideological or racial opinions are important. That’s why some of the best targets are children and churchgoers. The more innocent and helpless the victims, the greater the notoriety.

So it would be helpful if, after capture, their names, photos and life histories never appeared in the general news. The names of sexual assault victims are kept out of the news voluntarily by news organizations to protect them. The names of attention-seeking murderers should be kept out of the news voluntarily to quit feeding their egos, frustrate their desire for fame and protect, at least a little, the rest of us.

Ronald Sammonds Jr.

retired engineer

Baton Rouge