It seems to me that the U.S. House had three options how to proceed regarding the amnesty/Department of Homeland Security funding matter:

1) Block President Barack Obama’s illegal executive order in the courts. A federal judge has done just that. So far so good on this front.

2) Attach riders to the funding bill for DHS that contained provisions to bar funding needed to implement Obama’s illegal executive order. The House did just that. Unfortunately, there were not enough votes in the Senate to pass such a bill.

3) Shut down the Department of Homeland Security by not funding it. We all know how badly that went the last time that the government shut down. How would it go if we shut down the people protecting us? If something bad happened, Republicans would be the culprit. And God forbid, lives could be lost.

I do not see what choice Majority Whip Steve Scalise and others had but to vote to fund the Department of Homeland Security. I am sure that it was a decision made with great regret and remorse. I am also sure that Scalise and others hated doing such as much as we hate it. I hate what is happening as much as you patriots do. Unlike most of you, I think that they had no choice. Their backs were to the wall.

God bless America. We need to continue the fight. Hopefully, we stop Obama in the courts.

Walter E. Blessey Jr.

CEO, Blessey Marine Services Inc.