Once, there was a pretty puppy who got a taste for politics. He wanted to run for president of the United States. He was a Republican, one among a group of about 17 other candidates who also wanted to become president.

The debates and speeches started, and the little puppy stayed with the big dogs. Everyone thought the puppy would drop out of the race, but to the contrary he grew to become a big dog. He began to wag his tail a little harder.

Meanwhile, members of the Republican Party began a campaign to get rid of him. That didn’t work as some candidates were leaving the race.

The Democratic Party was getting nervous. They started a campaign of their own to get rid of the now Big Dog. (By the way the little puppy’s name was Donald Trump.) Now Trump is leading the pack, and everyone is trying to keep him from becoming president.

Reporters and analysts seem to be against Trump. Even Trump’s political party is going after him. Other big dogs are getting involved in the fight to keep the Big Dog from the White House.

If you are not a part of the group that think they own the big house, maybe a lot of us could help the Big Dog make it through the front door.

Roland Clement