Gov.-elect John Bel Edwards wants to scale down incarceration rates in Louisiana.

I want to encourage him to go back to the 1980s and research the child protection organization. Louisiana was noted for having a superior child protection service. Psychologists had determined that most serious prisoners had been both physically abused and emotionally neglected and abused.

I have not followed stats. I did work in a position to witness need for child protection services during the years of the late ’80s until late ’90s, during which time the child protection services were diminished seriously. I witnessed abusers being left in the home with abused children.

Due to the nature of that work, I can’t be very specific. But Edwards should indeed research both the relationship of abuse and neglect and criminality and the need for creating a high quality service for child protection.

Vivian A. Neely

retired mental health counsel

Baton Rouge