Regarding “Here’s why solar industry a win-win for residents of Louisiana.” Ms. Pray is, like many of my Sierra Club friends, enthusiastic, totally correct, and wasting her time. Cleco, the rest of the non-solar power industry in Louisiana and the Public Service Commission are all staring into the abyss of irrelevance. As far as I know, not a soul in the state government or industry are thinking about the implications of a non-fossil fuel world. Those that are, seem to think it can be held off for several generations.

They are wrong. We went from 21 million horses in the US to less than 6 million in less than 50 years. We went from 0 cell phones to cell phones being ubiquitous in less than ten.

Change is speeding up again and we are (as usual) unprepared.

If you could buy an electric, self driving car, capable of handling your daily commute, re-chargeable from your own solar panels on your roof, wouldn’t you buy it?

Tesla has nearly 300,000 orders, at a thousand dollars a pop, for its Model3. None exist at this moment. They cannot build their $100,000 + Models S and X fast enough to meet demand.

Solar panels continue to get cheaper by the day.

Uber just got 3.5 BILLION dollars from the Saudis. What do you think that will be for? Hiring people to drive other people around on their errands? No indeed. Uber will develop and build their own electric self driving car. They will be everywhere. Why would you own a car when it will be MUCH cheaper to just call an Uber or Uber like service?

Do a thought experiment. All cars are electric, a standard type and color, owned by a self insured car service. No one, or very few people own a car (Like horse are now. Horses are pets, not beasts of burden any more).

What happens to car thieves? What happens to my auto mechanic? What happens to auto insurance companies?

And the same thing is happening with homes. “Zero Net Energy” homes are starting to appear. Housing will take a lot longer to convert over, but it will be a lot faster than people think. How many people do you know live in a house over fifty years old? The change is coming, no matter what Cleco, the PSC, or State Government thinks, if they do think about it at all, and if they do, they are scared witless.

Dan DeLaureal

retired federal employee