I am writing to propose a solution to the increasing racism in our schools. My recommendation is to incorporate a stronger foundation of faith in our schools.

Racially provoked events, such as the riots in Ferguson after the shooting of Michael Brown and the Charleston Church shooting in South Carolina, have sparked a great friction in our society, which has, in turn, spread to our children and schools. As a teacher in the public school system, I see small acts of racism every day. Little things, such as simple jokes or words said in anger, are just the beginning. These small acts lead to bigger racial issues. Therefore, we must change hearts and minds in order to curb racism in our schools.

I believe that by incorporating more faith in our schools, we will be able to teach our children to see the world through God’s eyes. God sees the people in the world as one race: the human race. If we were to teach our children to see through His eyes, we would be teaching them to see others as fathers, mothers, sisters, daughters, sons and brothers, instead of black, white, Asian, Hispanic or the many other “races” of which our society is composed. We would be teaching them to make connections with those around them based on their common ground, rather than creating differences based on something nobody has any power to change.

I urge your readers to push for an end to the needless racism that controls our society today. We should incorporate more faith in our schools so that our students and children will begin to see through God’s eyes and not man’s. If we can teach this, then I truly believe that everything else will fall into place.

Kathryn Theriot middle school teacher