I would like to thank the city-parish Department of Public Works, particularly DPW Director William Daniel, DPW engineers Jim Ferguson and Bryan Harmon, the Traffic Engineering division, as well as James McCarroll and his bridge crew for the timely repairs to the Wax Road bridge.

The bridge was closed immediately on Sept. 7 after state Department of Transportation and Development inspectors discovered a deficiency, resulting in thousands of vehicles each day having to take a three-mile detour route.

Thanks to DPW’s evaluation and determining that a repair could be made, the bridge was reopened on Sept. 22 after crews spent a couple of days replacing the defective area underneath the bridge. This was all handled in a professional manner and finished much quicker than expected.

Also, thanks to Roy Schmidt, Mike Vosburg and their maintenance crews at DOTD for trimming some overgrown trees and brush on Greenwell Springs Road at Wax Road to improve sight distance due to extra traffic created by the detour route.

It goes to show that cooperation among government agencies, instead of finger-pointing, can produce beneficial results.

David Barrow, chief administrative officer

city of Central