The mainstream media, following Democrat talking points, has been reporting woman get only 77 percent the pay of men. National Public Radio reported this figure as 67 percent.

This is a great example of how figures can lie and how most media are doing an incomplete or dishonest job of reporting.

While the 77 percent or 67 percent pay may or may not be accurate, it does not indicate woman are being unequally treated in job pay.

When the true honest pay that woman make when compared with men for the same job is adjusted for same hours worked, overtime worked, experience, job skills and qualifications such as type of degree or skills are taken into account, women make within a few percent of men in pay.

If more women majored in the higher paying jobs such as chemical, electrical and petroleum engineering, computer science and engineering, medical doctors, welders or North Dakota facing oilfield hands, they would average more pay as a group.

More women choose to work in sales, hospitality, teaching, banking, office work, etc., that pay lower wages and often require less training, education or experience and do not require employers to compete as much to hire.

You can see that Dow and ExxonMobil, etc., pay women equal or more pay as men for the type of jobs many men choose.

Charles Barrow

chemical engineer

Baton Rouge