The Reader's Views section of the opinion page has contained demands that The Advocate drop columnist Jeff Sadow because his views are too "radical."

One of the contributors described himself as a "retired educator" and the other as a "professor." Sadow is not my favorite columnist, but I would not demand that he be silenced just because I don't always agree with his point of view. Neither would I request that you drop Dana Milbanks, Edward Pratt or any other writer who falls out on the left, and with whom I certainly disagree most of the time. I believe The Advocate has an obligation to present divergent points of view. Keep up the good work. The fact is, if a reader is offended by a particular columnist, he or she is not obligated to read the offering so presented. The recent riots and violent demonstrations on college campuses such as U.C. Berkeley and Middlebury College were sparked by leftist students and professors trying to silence those with opposing views.

It is instructive that the readers trying to silence Sadow are both members of the education community. Wonder what they teach their students about freedom of expression?

Rick Ellis

retired military officer

New Orleans