As clergy, we find it ironic that our Louisiana legislators should spend time debating whether to make the Bible the official state book when their actions so far this session reveal that they do not adhere to Biblical principles of mercy and justice for the poor.

They have thus far refused to pass meaningful reforms to the conduct of the payday lending industry, have voted down an increase in the minimum wage and have not taken the offered Medicaid expansion — all policies which would have helped the working poor.

In announcing his mission, Jesus says that he has come to offer good news to the poor. So far this session, it has only been bad news.

We urge our legislators to live the Bible rather than enshrine it.

Priscilla Maumus

Episcopal deacon


Elizabeth Coleman Becker

Episcopal deacon

Baton Rouge

Elaine Clements

Episcopal deacon

New Orleans

Suzanne Johnston

Episcopal deacon

St. Francisville