At 4636 Claiborne Avenue in New Orleans, construction has started again on the 7,000-square-foot Planned Parenthood abortion facility that plans to sell 2,844 additional abortions to the New Orleans community.

Let’s face it — for Planned Parenthood, abortion is a business, a very lucrative business. In 2012, Planned Parenthood made an estimated $150 million in revenue from abortions, which represents approximately 30 percent of their clinic-based revenue and 10 percent of their total revenue (including massive amounts of federal funding).

But apparently, $150 million is not enough for Planned Parenthood, because recently, the Center for Medical Progress released video footage and documentation showing that Planned Parenthood affiliates have been illegally selling the body parts of aborted babies to medical research companies.

In the video, Planned Parenthood’s Senior Director of Medical Services (who is also a practicing abortion provider) Deborah Nucatola is seen confirming that affiliates have been partnering with medical research companies to provide them with “specimens” at $30 to $100 apiece.

Nucatola also admits that Planned Parenthood’s attorneys had legal concerns with this practice in light of federal laws prohibiting both the sale of fetal remains and the practice of partial-birth abortion (the procedure used to harvest the body parts). Nucatola is seen clearly brushing these concerns off, stating that “laws are up to interpretation” and “behind closed doors, these conversations are happening with the affiliates.”

In light of these allegations, Gov. Bobby Jindal has already called for an FBI investigation into these potentially illegal activities. But beyond inspiring the need for investigations, these evil and unethical practices should cause the citizens of New Orleans and the entire state to ask ourselves: Is this what New Orleans needs?

Do we want an organization in our community that not only profits off of women’s fears and desperation but also profits off the broken bodies of their unborn children? I believe the answer is no. New Orleans does not need more abortions, and it definitely does not need a facility involved in the selling of baby parts after abortion. New Orleans needs hope. New Orleans needs love. New Orleans needs peace, not the violence of Planned Parenthood.

Deanna Wallace

director, Louisiana Right to Life

Baton Rouge