After reading J. Dale Oudkirk’s recent letter, I’m surprised The Advocate would even print such ridiculous misinformation in its respected newspaper. To begin with, if Ron Curry had been “busted” for issuing false air quality reports and forging names on climate reports, would he have been appointed regional administrator for the EPA in 2012? I think not.

Also, Oudkirk claims that 20 million to 25 million jobs have left this country because of the EPA since 1996. For his information, corporations move jobs out of this country primarily because of labor costs, not because of EPA regulations. In fact, many foreign countries build factories and plants using U.S. EPA regulations because it is cheaper to use our regulations than redesign equipment for their regulations.

Finally, I would like to let Oudkirk know that foreigners cannot come to this country and sit on their rears and collect free money without working for it. If he knows of any that are doing this, he should report them to the authorities. I don’t know where Oudkirk got his information that this happens, but FAUX News would be my first guess.

Oudkirk’s letter is typical of the propaganda I hear from Republicans all the time blaming the EPA for all sorts of things. I have lived to see the great advances in air pollution reduction the EPA has been able to accomplish since the 1960s when the air here in Baton Rouge and Houston was not fit to breathe at times. Corporations and workers have complained about the regulations from day one, claiming that it would put them out of business or jobs. The corporations and the workers are still here and they are all breathing easier because of the great job the EPA is doing.

Raleigh Jenkins

retired chemist

Greenwell Springs