I was repulsed by Richard Cohen’s column about personalizing the politics of guns. He says to the CEO of the National Rifle Association, Wayne LaPierre, regarding the San Bernadino mass murder, “Look what you’ve done.”

Excuse me? I thought it was done by radicalized Muslims. Blaming Mr. LaPierre blames all 5 million of us members and countless others who agree with us. I am a proud NRA member, and it is the only organization I’ve given money to, beyond the standard dues. I do so because I believe we are what we say we are, “Freedom’s safest place.”

Please take a moment today to carefully reread the first, second, fourth, and fifth amendments to the U.S. Constitution. Then reflect on the constant barrage of assaults on them by leftist politicians and much of the media. I fear more for the Constitution than I fear being killed by a terrorist.

If any amendment is effectively nullified by means other than another amendment, then we’re on a steep, slippery slope to becoming another Venezuela.

And to the author of the “Readers’ views” letter on the facing page who asserts we end violence if we end accessibility to guns, I say ask France and Mexico how that’s working out for them.

Tom Trivette

retired consultant

Baton Rouge