When the Russian economy is in shambles and can no longer afford to donate billions of dollars to Castro for their Communist regime’s survival and Venezuela cannot afford to give Castro more free oil, here comes President Barack Obama to the rescue.

What Obama does not understand is that the Cuban people will still be living in poverty with not an ounce of freedom after his rescue. And should you protest, you could be executed like thousands of others without a trace.

My father saw many Cubans executed while he was a political prisoner for eight years in the 1960s. They were executed because they wanted DEMOCRACY and FREEDOM. After all, there is no free press in Cuba to document the numerous executions taking place today.

Mr. President, don’t you understand, the Castro brothers are DICTATORS! They control the money, too! If you don’t agree with their policies, you go to jail or risk execution!

Before the Castro regime came to power in 1959, Cuba was one of the most prosperous countries in the Western hemisphere. After Fidel Castro took over, his dictatorship took all the incentives away from businessmen and labor. He took over all the businesses, factories, properties, labor unions and money.

The result was that in two years, the economy of Cuba completely collapsed. Of course, for the free money, Cuba has become Russia’s satellite to spread communism in Central and South America. Since Castro took cover, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Bolivia, Argentina, Uruguay has followed the same path.

Mr. President, do you think that we are that stupid again? Ninety percent of the Cuban people are living on handouts from the Cuban government or from the Cuban exiles sending money to their families there for over 50 years! Do you think people living in Cuba want to go back to work when they know they cannot start their own business or get ahead if they don’t become communist cronies first or have freedom to choose what they want to say or do?

Just look at what is happening here in the United States. We have about 20 million illegal people working for 20 million Americans who do not want to work themselves but rather sit home and collect welfare. On top of that, more and more, we are told what we can or can’t do or eat daily.

Wake up America and Obama! The Castro regime wants our money now so they can oppress the Cuban people for another 50 years!

Carlos Quiroga

retired engineer

Baton Rouge