To the many readers/writers of the Advocate for and against Barack Obama or Mitt Romney, or vise versa:

Face it, Obama is your (our) president and until the entire nation can come to grips with that fact and stop looking at color or fault-finding, the nation will always be in the situation it is in. So many people have the mindset of Democrat or Republican that they can’t even think straight. Obama can only do what he sees fit as president, with a Congress and nation that is willing to work toward the common good for all.

People are hating and don’t know why they are hating. I personally am so tired of hearing “Obama this, and Obama that.” Obama is human. Take a second and think of the huge task before not only him, but any president. Like it or not, Obama is your president, and the nation should be praying to God Almighty that he makes sound decisions for the United States of America and the world.

The Advocate should try writing some beneficial articles. Articles like the ones in the Nov. 11 issue by Dr. Brad Vincent entitled “Get Screened for Lung Cancer,” or the one by James Jenkins Jr., “Commission Wasting Ground Water.”

Spend more time being sympathetic toward your fellow human beings, and put more energy into making the world a better place. If you don’t know the facts, don’t go on what others are saying.

Myran Booker


Saint Gabriel