In a recent column Froma Harrop offered the following comment:

“Savings in Medicare would come from long overdue ‘structural reforms’ in the program. This means addressing the wasteful way Medicare pays doctors per procedure rather than for results.

“The wacky incentives now in place encourage overly expensive and unnecessary treatments that subject taxpayers and beneficiaries to higher bills for no better care — and, in some cases, worse care.”

Maybe Harrop unwittingly provided us with a model for structural reforms in government. What if we, the taxpayers, only “paid” government for “results” — programs that worked as planned, on time and on budget?

What if each failed system/program developed by governments included a consequence? What if failed programs (those not on time, budget or plan) were ended or reduced to make them right? Maybe government behavior would change.

Thanks for Harrop’s insight and creativity.

Michael Manes

insurance industry consultant

New Iberia