In response to Charles Walker’s statement about my letter to the editor:

Although I thought the central thesis of my June 22 letter was quite clear, Charles Walker quite correctly detected a wink and a nod. It seems Walker would like me to man up and say what I mean to say.

So I will try to make my position quite plain. I believe that the politicians I referred to in my previous letter “Bobby Jindal, David Vitter, Bill Cassidy, Steve Scalise and others” have on a regular basis participated in political pandering that tips into, among other things, social divisions.

Now some would just dismiss that statement as a liberal playing the race card. However, I have followed politics for more than 35 years, and I know pandering when I see it. I base my opinion on their town meetings, propaganda sent in the mail and statements to the press.

I’ve noticed that everything has a hostile, personal tone that is accented with everything from Sharia law to birther rhetoric; from pejorative uses of the term “Obamacare” to the questioning of the president’s religious faith and his loyalty to country.

Does anyone seriously believe if voting patterns were reversed that these people would maintain such a hostile, disrespectful tone? Of course not.

Now Walker says he believes President Barack Obama is a complete incompetent and shows his evenhandedness by saying he has the same opinion of former President Jimmy Carter.

I agree that Walker is entitled to his opinion, and in no way does it make him a racist. I do, of course, disagree with his opinion.

Jimmy Carter, a man who brokered one of the great peace agreements in modern history (between Israel and Egypt), was totally right about energy, expanded higher educational opportunities and won the Nobel Peace Prize for humanitarian efforts in his post-presidency, can hardly be called a complete incompetent.

And President Obama, besides being a great role model for young people, has guided legislation that led to health-care reform, bank and finance reform, salvation of the American car industry, equal pay for women, abolishment of don’t ask, don’t tell; and has signed Wetlands and Chesapeake Bay Restoration Acts and the American Recovery Act that saved or created 3 million jobs.

The list goes on, but I’ll give country singer Darryl Worley the last word: “... We don’t have to worry about Bin Laden. Have you forgotten?”

Davy Brooks