In your recent in-depth story regarding Gov. Jindal’s numerous days spent traveling out of state, you reported a fact that may have gone unnoticed by some. The lieutenant governor is entitled to collect $41.08 in additional salary for every day that the governor is out of state. Your article indicated that last year, this would have netted Lt. Gov. Jay Dardenne about $4,700 in pay. Though he was entitled to receive it, Dardenne did not ask for, nor did he receive, this remuneration.

I was reminded of a similar incident that was reported by The Advocate in 1994. At the time, Sen. Joe Sevario was paid $75 a day plus mileage to drive from his home in Prarieville to the State Capitol to sign checks. Sevario was assigned this duty by the Senate president, Sammy Nunez. Sevario drove to the Capitol on 58 occasions in one year to sign checks, netting $4,000 in additional pay for himself. Jay Dardenne, who himself was a senator at the time, volunteered to take over the check-signing duty free of charge. His offer was declined by Sen. Nunez.

As a small-business owner who pays a hefty tax bill, I appreciate that Lt. Gov. Jay Dardenne has proven throughout the years to be an unwavering steward of my hard-earned money.

Bruce Childers

owner/CEO, AccuScreen Systems

Baton Rouge