We get the kind of neighborhood we deserve. A good New Year’s resolution all good citizens should consider is one that contributes to quality of life for all.

It only takes a short phone call or email to report problems. As responsible citizens, it is our duty to be extensions of the police, the streets/sanitation departments, the water deprtments and all the rest. Today, make a resolution to report problems so that those who fix the problems can know about them.

Report criminal activity or suspicious goings and comings of your shifty neighbors. Report potholes. Call in water leaks that waste precious natural resources. Report burned-out street lighting to the power company that maintains them. Request cleanup of abandoned lots that are fouled by illegal dumping.

As good citizens, we must assist. The agencies that repair public problems and protect us from harm do not have employees roaming the streets checking for water leaks and burned-out lights, nor are there street cops at your corner scoping the activity in your block

Do your part, my friends! Resolve to be an extension of the municipal/state departments who stand ready to serve — if they know what needs fixing!

I care about my quality of life. Do you? Do your civic duty! Thank you for being a good neighbor.

Lydia Bezou-Hojnacki

retired school teacher/administrator

New Orleans