Dan Fagan: Trump's unifying SOTU speech resurrected sense of American exceptionalism not felt since Reagan

I had the pleasure of reading Walter E. Williams' commentary on the "Ignorance of U.S. Constitution's Balances." He offered great insight into the Founding Fathers' rationale on many of their protective actions in the creation of our great country. He articulated the accurate concept of the republican form of government versus a democracy — a distinct point that many Americans fail to understand.

The concept of a "majority rule" was recognized as dangerous as a monarchy by the creators of our Constitution and Declaration of Independence. The depth and content of his article created more interest for me to do some research on Williams and his writings. I encourage all who are willing to challenge their own conventional thoughts and teachings to read more of his works. Nicely done, Mr. Williams, and "well done" to The Advocate for publishing the material.


Hisam Saleh, 4, waves an American flag while sitting with his mother, Aisha Saleh, after she and 14 others took the Oath of Allegiance to become U.S. citizens during a Constitution Day naturalization ceremony Thursday, September 14, 2017, at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. The naturalization ceremony was part of a day of Constitution-related events at the University that also included an oral reading of the Constitution, a voter registration drive and panel discussions.

Alan Hunsberger

petroleum employee

Denham Springs