I just finished reading the article about how awful CATS still is months after convincing people that by passing a new tax the bus service would get better.

Brian Marshall should quit CATS and run for political office, because he has all the same answers that the politicians have. He says we promised change, but it’s not like he promised it would be in this decade.

CATS says it got $15.4 million in grants to buy new vehicles, yet I ride on the same old buses that have squealing brakes. CATS spent $1.4 million on a GPS system that doesn’t work, and they aren’t sure when it will actually work. Supposedly they hired 35 new drivers, yet first thing every morning, my bus is late. CATS spent $60,000 on public relations.

Well, I can tell you the only people who care about CATS are the people sitting by the side of the road waiting for a bus. If CATS is so good, then why is the CATS parking lot filled with employee cars? I have personally talked to Mr. Marshall a few times over the last two years and he promised me change was coming. I guess I should have asked if it was going to be in my lifetime.

As someone who moved from the New Orleans area after Katrina, I sure do miss those slow?moving RTA buses.

Frank LaNasa

retired truck driver

Baton Rouge