This morning ( I received a similar phone call months ago) I received a phone call from an unknown person saying he was my grandson Michael and was in jail for DWI. I knew it was a scam immediately because I do not have a grandson named Michael, and further, I’ve had this call before! He, the embezzler, informed me that he needed money to post bail and would I help arrange money for his bail. I asked why wasn’t my son notified that his son was in jail and he said “it just happened and his dad could not be contacted. I don’t have a son. He said I should contact a lawyer named Wayne Spence to make arrangements for Michael’s bail.

I called the sheriff’s office, they sent a deputy out. I told him of the scam. He said he would notify his office that this scam has popped up again and they would advise people who were being scammed not to respond to any instructions nor pay any monies to anyone.

I think The Advocate should warn elderly people of this sham and they should call the sheriff’s office if they think they are being shammed. Above all, do not send money! My wife knows of a person whose elderly dad sent $700 and found out later that the call was bogus.

We enjoy The Advocate, keep up the good work.

Rudy West

retired banker