I was born, raised, married and had all my children in Baton Rouge. I have been attending various sports activities at LSU for decades. After 72 years, I have realized that I have been able to “vent” many frustrations (such as recent local and national election results or why my favorite newspaper, The Advocate, has changed to a “New Orleans edition” in our area) by yelling louder in Tiger Stadium.

Now, I find myself having to “vent” to the newspaper about the horrible condition of the “ladies facilities” on the west side, first ramp up from Gate 4 near Section 103. I am sick, tired and embarrassed for our guests by what I have seen over many years.

I see new construction and additions with nothing done to eliminate filth, trash, falling-down tissue holders, no available hand wipes even before games begin, trash, 2 inches of water on the floor, broken door locks and heat that is unbearable during daytime games, which we have more of than in years past so we can make more dollars from TV. Wall fans can be purchased locally for around $20 that would help with that problem.

Do not speak to me of budget constraints. Athletics was recently able to give needed funds to help the education side of LSU — wonderful! — with additional funds being available to help with stadium expansion. We attended the Florida game in Gainesville and their stadium restroom had attendants near each door working to keep the area clean. The same was true for the Cotton Bowl, Georgia Dome etc.

If LSU continues to sell the 98-ounce drinks, the Athletic Department had best hire more part-time people to maintain the restrooms. We will continue to purchase season tickets, a parking pass and donate to TAF. We are all graduates of LSU — my dad, three siblings, myself husband and four children — so I do know what I am talking about.

My husband tried for years to get major water drips from the upper deck around one group of our tickets. He never had a response but it was taken care of when the big new group of suites was installed.

LSU, please take care of the restroom facilities now. And while you are at it, add plenty more trash cans in the parking lot areas and, more importantly, by the portable toilets. The cans should be regularly emptied before, during and after the games. We do still tailgate, so I see all that too!

I request that other frustrated, embarrassed and loyal LSU fans contact the LSU Athletic Department about this problem. Geaux tigers!!!

Barbara Pierson Gauthier

wife, mother, grandmother and Tiger fan