The recent decision by the Metro Council to not place the mayor’s bond proposal on the fall ballot is a testament to the politics that only hurt people. The same games are being played in Washington as elected officials are making decisions based on politics and not for the greater good of the people.

I understand that the mayor hasn’t been as open with the council as it would like, but the council should not allow the public to suffer because of its rift with City Hall. The bond proposal should have been sent to the voters either to be approved or rejected. Baton Rouge needs infrastructure repairs desperately. Our roads and bridges are crumbling at a drastic rate.

Has anyone seen the Baton Rouge police headquarters? It’s deplorable. A consolidated public safety complex that included the Sheriff’s Office and the Baton Rouge Police Department would have been a great way to get our law enforcement to work more closely together. But obviously our Metro Council doesn’t want to see change happen in Baton Rouge.

Do you want to know why so many young people leave the city? It’s an easy answer: There is nothing here for us! Many of us were hoping the bond proposal would be presented to the voters in hopes of it passing. This would have been a great step for the city. Unfortunately, this may never happen.

Although the council has done the people of Baton Rouge a great injustice and it’s OK the council rejected the mayor’s attempt at a new bond proposal, it has done me a HUGE favor. The council has solidified my decision to leave Baton Rouge the day after I receive my degree.

Anthony Nelson

LSU student

Baton Rouge