Mark Hunter, in his excellent reporting on “Together Baton Rouge” in The Advocate on May 21, and Pamela Monroe, contributor to Readers’ Views on June 3, have done our city an important service by exposing the philosophical foundations and tactics of the Industrial Area Foundation, which appears to be guiding the formation of Together Baton Rouge.

To learn more about IAF founder Saul Alinsky, I suggest our old friend Google. Hunter and Monroe have pointed out some of its many scary designs and principles.

The ministers who are involved in Together Baton Rouge make up much of the glue that holds our community together. Their support of the CATS dedicated tax initiative is critical to its passage.

But they could put this and other constructive projects in the city at risk if it appears they are associated with the IAF, an organization based on “transformational Marxism.”

Ward Bond


Baton Rouge