After reading Ron Curry’s recent letter, I noticed that he didn’t mention anything how the EPA was part of the reason that the economy went sour in the first place, as was reported in The Advocate a few years back.

Curry and some other high ranking officials were busted for issuing false air quality reports (which included Baton Rouge), forging names on climate reports that were false and issuing forged anti-smoking reports that can’t be backed up. One of the testing labs that they said did the anti-smoking test turned out to belong to a pig farm in Utah. (That became fact during a congressional investigation.)

Just from 1996 until today, the EPA and their lies have cost America 20 million to 25 million jobs. Most go to Mexico, where, because of Mexican law, Americans can’t follow to work at their old jobs.

A few weeks ago, it was reported on a program aired on one of these special news shows about a lot of our aerial companies sending a lot of their repair divisions to Mexico. And they can’t hire anyone to work at them. One company reported that they were 15,000 workers short, all because the locals want to come here, sit on their rears and collect free money without working for it.

That’s why we need to send people to Washington who will stand up to and rein in the EPA, and not Democrats, who have been giving them free run for decades.

I know my letter might not get printed, because I don’t have numbers or letters behind my name. Or because I’m not a derriere-kissing liberal.

J. Dale Oudkirk

retired electrical plant maintenance worker

Denham Springs