If anyone is not yet convinced that the Affordable Care Act was crafted and sold to the American public by a cynical, ideologically twisted, mendacious Obama administration, aided and abetted by Democrats in the U.S. Senate, he or she is simply not paying attention.

A recent analysis in Forbes magazine presents some sobering facts about the fiction and reality of Obama’s signature legislation (tinyurl.com/kbbgu4x), and raises the question whether “Obamacare” ever would have passed if the following facts were known or anticipated:

  • Instead of the projected 37.3 percent reduction in uninsured the law promised, the actual reduction in 2014 has been 12.5 percent.
  • Despite promises to the contrary, millions of citizens have had their health insurance canceled, of which 1 million remain uninsured.
  • Despite promises that the Affordable Care Act would reduce the deficit, the Congressional Budget Office now estimates a $2 trillion increase in federal debt in the first two decades of the new law.
  • Premium increases in the non-group, small-group and large-group markets have been far higher than originally estimated.
  • The law imposes nearly $7,000 in additional taxes/fees over a decade, even for families in the lowest quintile (20 percent) of household income.

It turns out an American public that opposed the law from the outset (and still does) had every right to be suspicious of such sweeping legislation, so hastily passed. We may never know if any Democrat armed with accurate information would have voted for “Obamacare,” but it’s probably a moot point.

Jonathan Gruber’s low opinion of the American voter notwithstanding, the really stupid actors in this political drama were the lackadaisical senators and representatives who neither bothered to read the law nor to anticipate its adverse consequences. Since the midterm elections, some of them, at least, are facing a career change, thanks to the not-so-stupid electorate.

Robert Hebert


Baton Rouge