I am writing to you as a very concerned citizen. Our facility is located at Barringer-Foreman Road and Airline Highway. We have been located here since Thanksgiving Day 1955.

Over the years, we have seen the traffic grow at a phenomenal pace.

More recently, the traffic has become very heavy.

My concern is this: Why is the speed limit on a very congested section of Airline Highway posted at 65 mph?

On an almost daily basis, we hear tires squealing from inside of our offices, and we cringe awaiting the sound of crashing vehicles. Just the other day, we heard this and looked outside and a truck was upside down in the ditch.

With the speed limit at 70 mph on the interstate systems, 60 in congested areas, why in this world would anyone post 65 mph in an area where people are pulling out of their residential driveways and businesses? The interstate systems have none of this to contend with.

Further, why is the speed limit on Highland Road, between Airline and I-10, 55 mph? It makes no sense at all.

It appears DOTD is creating the opportunity for vehicular accidents, as opposed to their main purpose which is to reduce vehicular accidents.

Jeff Kleinpeter, president

Kleinpeter Farms Dairy

Baton Rouge