I would think the people commenting on the article regarding Maury Drummond know nothing about Mr. Drummond or the strides he made with the museum and the USS Kidd.

Mr. Drummond was not a wealthy man living high on the hog off of taxpayer money. He was an athlete in a businessman’s position who through his LSU fame raised that museum into what it is today.

Sure, he didn’t document his expenditures correctly, but the state also did not appoint him a strong CFO like many companies have to make sure expenditures are recorded correctly.

Mr. Drummond took many vets and individuals to places like Juban’s restaurant, which helped him earn funding and support for the museum, just like thousands of businesspeople in Baton Rouge do daily. I don’t recall the last time the state made such an uproar over $5,000. The article does not mention that Mr. Drummond did this without malice or criminal intent.

I guarantee you we would not have the museum there today without him. I encourage all the veterans who have enjoyed the USS Kidd and the re-enactments to enjoy and celebrate the man that helped remember their legacies.

Steve Kelly

interim CEO, Austin Oaks Hospital

Austin, Texas