I appreciated the letter written by Phillip Faia, suggesting respectfully that Bill Cassidy would serve voters better by talking about what he can do rather than what he thinks Mary Landrieu can’t do.

I have one correction to his letter, from my point of view. He says, “Although Mary Landrieu’s support of ‘Obamacare’ has proven not to be very successful and a waste of taxpayer dollars. … ”

There are 11 million Americans who are insured by “Obamacare” and very grateful for it. Nobody seems to be interviewing the satisfied customers (including me) whose quality of life has been maintained and improved by the Affordable Care Act. We’re not being represented on the floor of Congress, on campaign stops or in the media.

The opponents aren’t going to talk about this reality. And candidates need to watch their tongues when they speak — to make sure the only words coming out of their mouths are true ones.

Pam Hartman

United Methodist minister

Denham Springs