After the voters slammed the door on the Democrats, progressives, etc., instead of trying to correct the mistakes that threw them out of office, some continue to reach for “pie in the sky” by trying to fabricate a story involving one of the most “ethical” elected officials in Washington.

For those who, without complete knowledge of his exemplary character, disparagingly accuse Steve Scalise, it shouts “DEMOCRAT DESPERATION”!

Ever since the story broke recently, the reaction from “rational” (including some Democrats) people is a true indication of how far-fetched these accusations are. Since 2002, when Scalise supposedly “intentionally” spoke to the “European-American Unity and Rights Organization,” if there was any credence to this accusation, don’t you think it would have come out before now? Try asking if people know that this group’s name equates with “white supremacy”? Many people think it equates with European immigrants coming to America!

Further, remember the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s pastor and religious confidant, who “damned America” and categorized the 9/11 tragedy as the “chickens have come home to roost”? There was no question as to whether Obama knew what that church represented — yet he sat there and listened to those condemnations for years, and even had the Rev. Wright as a good friend who baptized his children. Where was Obama’s condemnation?

I have the privilege of knowing Steve Scalise since he was in grammar school. I watched him grow and not only achieve success in the field of politics but also achieve respect from his “contra-constituents.” Among them were those of differing political views; some were African-Americans, Jews and Catholics (Scalise is a Catholic). If you look up the rankings of those in political office, you will see that Steve Scalise has a very respectable and ethical high ranking.

One writer chided Scalise: “If he does no research on the groups before he speaks to them, it disqualifies him from holding office.” Well, then we can agree that since Obama, with no research on his close friend, Jeremiah Wright, was elected president, we have had an “unqualified president” with no legitimacy!

Finally, the naysayers, having been the accusers of Scalise for not doing his homework on the European-American Unity and Rights Organization, did not do their own homework on the stellar history and reputation of Congressman Steve Scalise; this disqualifies them from rational judgement.

When both Democrats and Republicans stand up for a fellow elected congressman, “party divisiveness” no longer exists. Steve Scalise is just what we need to bring both sides together for all of we Americans.

Jean Rice

philanthropy consultant