I’m a fan of LSU baseball and have been for years. When I can’t attend or the game is away, I always try to view it on the Internet or TV if it is televised, and for that reason, I subscribe to several different services, and usually I consider the money well-spent.

This placid pleasure has lately been disturbed by some of the television coverage, most notably by the ESPN shows.

I’d become used to inane chatter not connected with the game on network channels, so I usually managed to ignore the announcers by putting the sound on mute and just watching the game in silence, but now even this ploy doesn’t work with those ESPN guys who seem to think that they personally are the focus of the show and the reason that people tune in. The cameras are on them and their nonsensical chatter more than on the game, and it’s driven me to give up on TV and just listen to the game on 98.1 (radio), where there is meaningful play-by-play and commentary pertinent to the game and not some iconic media trivia.

Oh, for the days of yore, when most people acted like they had good sense and talked the same way.

Richard Wallace