Mayor Mitch Landrieu and Louisiana politicians should know that when you remove the Confederate statues and names from the streets of New Orleans and elsewhere in Louisiana because they are symbols of racial superiority, don’t forget to destroy all the slave quarters in the yards of French Quarter Homes that tourists pay to visit.

Whoa! Don’t stop there. Tear down all those mansions along St. Charles Avenue; they were built with cheap slave labor, those wealthy whites all had slaves to wait on them and do house and yard work. We all know how these symbols denigrate African Americans while riding the street cars on St. Charles Avenue.

Let’s not forget the Great River Road. The state should bulldoze all the plantations, slave quarters and live oak trees up and down River Road. Did you ever think how much suffering went on under these trees and on the plantations? Why, this is what caused the War Between the States, not the fact that England and France wanted to pay the South more money for their cotton than the Northern Yankees.

Destroy everything now, don’t worry about the taxes you will lose. If you don’t, you will be accused later of being a hypocrite and that would make it hard for reelection.

Frank Pezold

retired electrician