What a great suggestion by John Miller in his letter in the July 7 Advocate. If Jefferson Davis’ statue is taken down and the street Davis is named after is changed, Miller is suggesting Benjamin “Beast” Butler become his replacement.

Why not get rid of a historical figure who is disliked by part of the population and replace him with someone who EVERYBODY hated. Butler was such a notoriously bad Union administrator of New Orleans during the early occupation of the city, the army had to eventually ship him back up north.

He was especially hated by the female population of the city (and as far as I can tell, this went for black women as well as white) since he considered them all no better than “ladies of the evening” because they did not show proper respect for the Union military.

If Davis comes down and a replacement goes up, some segment of the population is going to complain, so why not get someone up who everyone agrees upon, even if it’s to agree the guy was as big a disaster to New Orleans as Hurricane Katrina.

Hey, it’s a start — something we can finally all agree upon. Then, maybe, we can all find a way to stop the city’s biggest problem, the shootings and the crime.

Michael Sellen

retired sales representative

River Ridge