I have been an animal welfare advocate for over 40 years and have no affiliation with Companion Animal Alliance (CAA). Over the years I have volunteered on local, national and international issues to help ensure the humane treatment of animals.

Like many others in the community, I was hoping that CAA would succeed. Unfortunately even today, many people don’t even know about CAA because of the lack of advertising and fundraising efforts. Clearly, it has been a tremendous failure since its inception.

The only ones to be held accountable are the board of directors and those they hire to run the shelter. The first director was terminated within a short time, the second, in my opinion, wrongly let go, and now, the third director is a source of controversy.

If one chooses to read the recent 38-page investigation report with documentation and graphic photos regarding claims of cruel, inhumane and illegal activities at the shelter, they can judge for themselves. The report is public record.

Unless CAA reorganizes its board to include at least one additional veterinarian, perhaps one or two individuals from the rescue community, former director Hilton Cole and consider a new, less-controversial director, then I’m all for giving it back to Animal Control and Hilton Cole. Then, we can begin to the raise money for a new, badly needed facility, hire trained and caring staff and make our shelter a more-humane place for the animals.

Susan Aronson

animal welfare advocate

Baton Rouge