While driving on Government Street in the 5 p.m. traffic on Wednesday evening, I was stopped for a red light at the corner of Government and South Eugene. There I saw the newly renovated Baton Rouge Magnet School. Hats off to the residents of East Baton Rouge, the EBR School Board and the architects who designed this beautiful facility. It is truly an icon in Baton Rouge.

Then, as traffic started to move, I looked over to my right again and saw a CATS bus shelter located at that corner. This shelter is such an eyesore, words cannot describe it. A trip by the location would serve you better.

Then, Thursday’s Advocate had an article on the CATS new three-year plan for the transportation system. In the article, it was stated that CATS would deliver 25 new shelters by the end of this year.

I would encourage CATS and its governing body to make this location one of its first priorities.

Larry Nicholas

retired facility manager

Baton Rouge