Ted Lewis points out that the Saints’ future looks dim, suggesting not only will this year provide few highlights but also the near future doesn’t look good. He points out the trading away of high picks, which has led to the sad condition of this team. But Mickey Loomis and Sean Payton have operated in this manner since their tenure began in ’05.

Jonathan Robinson was the first real mishap of recklessness, trading away two for his service. Seems for years teams have tried to duplicate one of the greatest trade-ups in recent memory when the 49ers traded up for Jerry Rice. When a team trades up, they are basically stating this is a can’t-miss player, and Rice proved the late coach Bill Walsh knew exactly what he was doing. But such was not the case for Loomis as Robinson proved that he had poor and faulty information as the pick turned out to be a total bust.

Yet, the Saints and Loomis survived that failure, landing great free agents in Marcus Colston and Pierre Thomas. But Loomis wouldn’t learn from his mistakes and instead has continued with his MO of trading up, doing so in trading two picks for wide receiver Brandin Cooks. Saints fans need to look no further than Mark Ingram and Cooks to see what shape this organization is in. While each are good players, neither has or is expected to reach the elite status that warranted two picks for their services.

Teams that have had continual success in the NFL do not trade away picks but instead garner picks. Teams like New England and Pittsburgh have prided themselves on accumulating early picks, knowing the nucleus of a good team is those early picks.

For Loomis and Payton, their strategy of profligacy has run its course, and their luck with free agent players has run out.

Louis Scheppegrell

Fluor Federal Petroleum Operations LLC

River Ridge