After reading Rhonda Browning’s March 21 letter, “Senators’ letter form of treason,” I wanted to scream. She signs her letter as an educator. I hope that she does not teach young people civics or history.

Her statements about killing Christians, etc., is inflammatory and nonsensical to say the least. Maybe she means that she wants to be educated, rather than actually being an educator.

It is obvious Browning has never read the U.S. Constitution, especially article II, section 2. That section states that the president can make a treaty only when two-thirds of the U.S. Senate concurs. If 47 senators vote against the treaty with Iran, that leaves the administration well short of the 67 concurring votes needed by the president.

I also have a problem with her statement that if the offending senators were replaced, then we could have a senate that would cooperate with the president. I don’t think that “cooperation with the president” is part of the job description for a senator.

Until we have another revolution and turn to an imperial form of government, our government has three equal branches, in spite of President Barack Obama’s attempt to rule solely by edict.

James Lightfoot


New Orleans