Anyone who does not believe that this country is on a steady path to communism need only carefully observe the present onslaught relative to the elimination of anything remotely associated with the Confederacy.

It is somewhat reminiscent of the destruction of statues and the burning of books that occurs when communist regimes take control of a country. Couple that with the present wars on Christianity and the Second Amendment that are taking place in our society today and it becomes obvious that all of the components leading to a dictatorial government are in place.

All dictatorships have two common themes: no God and no guns. Add to that the present mentality that government is entirely responsible for one’s needs (i.e., Affordable Care Act, out of control welfare, governmental control of schools, etc.) and it becomes glaringly apparent that all elements are in place for a drastic transformation of our way of life.

Hunley P. Dufour Jr.

engineering inspector