James Gill’s Dec. 13 column in The Advocate, about the misuse of millions and millions of dollars received by states from the tobacco lawsuit, is the perfect example of what will happen if the climate change declaration recently signed in Europe goes into effect.

The governments of the productive nations like the United States, a few European and Asian countries will tax corporations and individuals and claim they will use the money to prevent climate change.

Those governments, hoping to grow larger and more powerful with this confiscation of private funds, know that neither mankind nor its money can do anything about the 4 billion-year climate relationship between the Earth and the sun.

But the real larceny will take place when the diplomats and bureaucrats of the United Nations get their share of the confiscations. These crooks and thugs have been stealing from poor countries and their people for decades, and now they’ll have a new “save the planet from climate change” bogus excuse to steal more. The money received by the states from the tobacco settlement is not going to stop smoking; rather, people realizing how dangerous smoking really is will eventually stop it.

The money confiscated from corporations and taxpayers will not change our planet’s climate change cycle — it will just make big-government politicians and crooked foreign diplomats richer.

Michael Sellen

retired sales representative

River Ridge